MetaFIND: Metabolomics Feature INterrogation and Discovery

MetaFIND is a Java-based feature analysis tool that enables real-time, interactive correlation analysis of feature sets, discovery of addtional related features and analysis of related metabolites. It is designed specifically to aid feature analysis within NMR metabolomics data.


MetaFIND is freely available for academic use:
>>Download MetaFIND (v0.8)<<

MetaFIND requires Java 1.6 and includes JFreeChart and JCommons packages.)

See MetaFIND Manual for data formats and step-by-step screen shots illustrating each feature :
MetaFIND Manual PDF

MetaFind requires two input files (see Manual above for format). Right click and choose 'Save link as' to download:
SampleData.txt SampleDataFeatures.txt


For further details regarding MetaFIND, please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it