A collection of novel and benchmark datasets curated by UCD Researchers and used in their experimental work:

Prosper Loans Network

Directed network based on loans on the peer-to-peer lending site.

Stability Topic Corpora

Text corpora for benchmarking stability analysis in topic modeling.

Multi-View Twitter Datasets

A collection of Twitter datasets for evaluating multi-view analysis methods.


A dataset of user-curated movie lists from

News Curation Datasets

A collection of Twitter datasets for evaluating criteria for Twitter user list curation.

Youtube Dataset

A dataset that was collected in order to permit the investigation of contemporary spam comment activity.

BBC Datasets

Two text corpora consisting of news articles, particularly suited to evaluating cluster analysis techniques.

Detecting Grand Tours of Europe with Geo-Tags

Supplementary data for an analysis of tourist behaviour based on the analysis of a collection of 95 million Flickr photos for which precise geographic coordinates (geo-tags) are known.

Irish Economic Sentiment Collection

A new text sentiment analysis collection, produced from three Irish online news sources.

3Sources Collection

A multi-view text corpus, constructed from news articles from three online news services.

Synthetic Multi-view Datasets

A set of synthetic text datasets for the evaluation of multi-view learning algorithms.

Yeast Literature Dataset

A new text corpus, mined from biomedical literature, which refers to the terms used to describe S. cerevisiae ORFs.

CBR Conference Series Dataset

The network constructed from the publications of the CBR conference series (1993-2008).

20 Newsgroups Subsets

A large number of artificially constructed text datasets.